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Discover a World ofAlternative Payments

airline illustration

Airline Sector

Alternative payment methods are set to account for 59% of all online transactions by 2017. It’s therefore no surprise that 61% of airlines that we spoke to believe that accepting alternative payment methods is a major differentiator between carriers.

At Worldpay, we are leaders in airline payments. We help airlines to reach more passengers worldwide with the right mix of global card schemes and alternative payment methods. Our specialist airline payment team can offer advice to build your payment strategy and support your expansion plans.

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gambling illustration

Gambling Sector Overview

We offer the broadest range of methods approved for gambling. With over 200 alternative payment types available we provide gambling operators with access to more markets and customers.

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Video Gaming Sector Overview

Gamers don’t want payments to get in the way of their experience, they want to pay quickly and get back to the game. Forcing a gamer into using one payment method leads them to be frustrated and disconnected from the game experience. By ensuring you are offering the right payment methods in the countries your users are in you allow your gamers to pay in the simplest way they know, the method they use day to day.

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retail illustration

Online Retail Sector Overview

We make global payments simpler for retailers. With 80+ alternative payment methods for retail, 92% of our retailers are trading cross border. Using alternatives we have helped retailers in Germany increase sales by up to 40 per cent by enabling Giropay and ELV, the two most popular payment methods locally. 

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travel illustration

Travel Sector Overview

Alternative payment methods are set to account for 59% of all online transactions by 2017. Allow your customers to use payment methods they know and trust to improve your booking conversion rates.

At Worldpay, we specialise in travel payments. We support you with global card schemes and a wide range of alternative payment methods covering all corners of the world. And with our understanding of local payment markets, we can provide the optimal payment mix to successfully launch into new territories.

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digital illustration

Digital Sector Overview

The digital content vertical is comprised of the fastest moving and dynamic industries like cloud storage, social, streaming media, and marketplaces. 

The availability of these products and services is easier to access than ever before and consumers want to be able to pay in a way that fits that access. 

By offering the right alternative payment methods in the countries you operate in you are simplifying the payment process for these users and increasing potential revenue.

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Global Overview

In 2012 the global eCommerce market was worth US $1,713 billion and growth continues.

Traditional payment methods are popular in mature markets, such as the UK and US.

Other regions report strong growth in alternative payments – experts estimate these will account for 59% of online transactions in 2017, from 43% in 2012.

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Payment Types

Payment method types vary in popularity by country. 

Any merchant needs to understand local payment preferences if they want  to expand internationally and maximize transaction rates.

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