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Here is a selection of payment methods that may apply to you

Paga Wallet

Paga Wallet is a secure eWallet service that’s available in Nigeria. It lets you collect payments from customers who don’t have access to bank accounts.  Customers can load their account using a variety of payment methods, for example at an agent or using a bank deposit or card payment.  The customer logs in to their eWallet account and provides a unique PIN ensuring this method of payment offers a secure, fast and convenient way to purchase goods and services online.

Payment Types:

  • eWallet

Bank Link - Swedbank

With a significant market share, the Swedbank Bank Link service allows Swedbank Customers to make online payments directly from their bank account to a Customer.

Bank transfer is a very popular payment method in Sweden; it is predicted that its popularity will increase further as more and more people start to use internet banking

Payments are secure, as the shopper must enter their internet banking credentials to authorise the payment. The merchant receives real-time authorisation, so can ship good immediately.

(NB: Formerly known as Hansabank)

Payment Types:

  • Bank Transfer


Giropay is a real-time bank transfer service popular in Germany. The service enables shoppers to pay for goods and services over the internet by making an online transfer directly from their own bank account.
Direct payments by bank transfer are popular across Europe and in the German market, Giropay connects to over 70% of the banking network. 

Payment Types:

  • Bank Transfer


CashU is a popular e-Wallet service that enables quick, easy and secure online payments in the Middle East and North Africa.

Users simply need to register for a CashU account and load it with funds online or at one of the supporting outlets. It can be loaded using prepaid vouchers, CashU prepaid card, cash over the counter, mobile or by bank transfer.

CashU is seen as a safe and secure payment option for customers who prefer not to release their card details online.
Additionally, when customers pay online using a prepaid account, the merchant receives immediate notification, making this method ideal for providing instant delivery of goods and services.

Payment Types:

  • eWallet


UnionPay is the biggest and fastest growing card scheme in the world (counting the number of cards issued).    It is a highly-recognised brand in China, and its profile is increasing worldwide.

All of China's major banks issue UnionPay-branded cards.  UnionPay is the only interbank network in China linking ATMs and all banks.   Outside of China, UnionPay is rapidly expanding its footprint and - as of November 2015 - eCommerce-enabled cards are issued in China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Russia, Japan and Singapore. Although only a proportion of cards in some of these territories are currently eCommerce-enabled, UnionPay have ambitious plans to increase their hold on the eCommerce market around the world.

Worldpay enables merchants to accept debit card, credit card and real-time bank transfers.

Worldpay allows consumers to pay using their preferred currency - Chinese Renminbi - and can settle to merchants in a wide range of different currencies according to your needs.

During your consultation with Worldpay, we understand your strategy and needs so that you can maximise the potential of this payment method and fully exploit eCommerce opportunities in China. 

Payment Types:

  • Domestic Schemes
  • Bank Transfer