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Market Summary

Though still recovering from the effects of a financial crisis, Spain’s high level of Internet penetration, coupled with widespread consumer enthusiasm for lower prices, indicates an eCommerce market with large potential. That potential has already begun to be realised and overall online retail is growing at a moderate rate, mainly due to a level of mobile activity that will see Spain’s mobile eCommerce market more than triple between 2015 - 2019. Although card use is high, most of this usage is in the form of debit transactions and overall card usage will fall markedly, from 59% to 39% of total transactions, by 2019. By this time, alternative payment methods will comprise some 61% of the market, especially online bank transfers, which show particular promise as users become ever more confident with online commerce.
Top tip: Over 60% percent of Spanish online shoppers buy from foreign websites and 90% of these shop within the EU.

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CAGR 2015-2019

E-Commerce Turnover

in USD billions

At a Glance



46 million

GDP (USD bn)


Estimated eCommerce turnover 2015

$24 billion

Estimated eCommerce turnover 2019

$33 billion

Internet penetration


Mobile subscriptions per capita


Provider Payment Methods in Spain


Neosurf is a prepaid voucher that allows shoppers to pay on the Internet easily, securely and anonymously.
Neosurf provides merchants with the option to support customers who do not want to enter personal data, bank account information or credit card numbers online.
Shoppers can exchange cash for a Neosurf voucher at over 20,000 sales outlets located in France, Italy, Spain and Belgium

Payment Types:

  • Pre Pay


PayPal is a secure and simple digital wallet service with over 220 million accounts worldwide. It is a very strong and easily recognisable brand for customers and a popular method for making payments for goods and services online. Over recent years it has become well established in many countries around the world.  Customers simply log into their PayPal account to complete the transactions without having to expose card details online.  They can choose to load their wallet with funds from their credit or debit cards or link it directly to their bank account.  It supports major cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and lets customers pay without sharing their card details online.
PayPal has been one of the major success stories in the payments industry over recent years and growth is steady at over 20% year-on-year.

Payment Types:

  • eWallet


Paysafecard is a popular prepaid voucher service that allows customers to shop securely online.   Paysafecard boast that this payment method is "as safe and as fast as cash".

The shopper buys a paysafecard at one of the many outlets and stores which sell paysafecard vouchers.   The shopper then uses the unique voucher code to make purchases online.  Alternatively, the shopper can store their paysafecards inside a virtual wallet known as 'mypaysafecard' and then use this virtual wallet to shop online by simply entering their username and password.   

The simplicity of this payment method - and the fact that is accessible to shoppers without bank accounts - makes paysafecard the ideal payment method to reach different demographics of shopper.  Additionally, its wide geographic presence - it is supported in most European countries and beyond - means that it is a must-have method of payment for many merchants looking to expand their geographic footprint.

As the merchant receives instant notification of payment, it is the perfect payment method for digital goods as well as physical goods - the mechant can dispatch immediately,  secure in the knowledge that the shopper has paid.

Payment Types:

  • Pre Pay from Visa allows you to store multiple payment cards in one place so they can make secure online payments without entering any card details.

Payment Types:

  • eWallet


FundSend was set-up to enable anyone with a debit* or credit card to send funds internationally swiftly, securely, and at a fantastic low price. You can send up to €5,000 from any MasterCard or Visa payment card without the need for up-front registration. However, at any time you can sign-up and benefit from even lower money transfer fees.

Payment Types:

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